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Dance and Music – Traditions of India
Tour Time: 2 hours
When: Sunday mornings, between 10 and 12
India is home to a stunning array of classical and folk art. Dance and music are integrated into the Indian way of life.

Come with us to some of the dance schools in Mumbai where Bharatanatyam is still taught the traditional way. Unlike ballet or some forms of Western dance, Indian dance is taught without the use of mirrors. You can watch young learners acquire discipline and grace. We will also arrange a lecture-demonstration by the Guru to explain some of the principles behind the art.

Mumbai has several cultural associations where music performances are held. Our Tour guides will recommend what's best.

If you are musically inclined, or would like an insight into India's music, we can arrange special lecture demonstrations on Carnatic and Hindustani music.

All days of the week. Timings are flexible based on your convenience.

Costs and Booking:
The costs are based on the number of people doing the tour, and the duration of the tour. You can combine different tours from our tour menu, including car tours, boat tours and walking tours. Please tell us what you'd like to do, and how much time you have. We'll put together a tour that best suits your needs.

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