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Take a rickshaw ride through the side streets of Bandra. Not for the faint-hearted!

Learn how to do Warli tribal painting. Each painting contains a story - you will enjoy creating your own tale.

See an Indian Wedding! Weddings are held in certain auspicious months, on auspicious days, at auspicious hours. Check with the Tour Guide.

Cricket Fever - Join the locals in cheering a game of cricket. The Indian addiction to cricket is surpassed only perhaps by the addiction to movies. Check with the Tour Guide if there's a match playing. They'll help you figure out the rules of the game.

Get your hands painted with henna/mehendi. You need to leave it overnight to dry. Recommended on the last day of your visit - AFTER you're done packing!

Watch a local movie - Mumbai is to Hindi Movies what Los Angeles is to Hollywood. Watch a movie - or at least part of a movie - to figure out what makes audiences tick! Our Guides will translate, so you don't miss the point altogether.

There's still a lot more to do and see!
Sports, clubbing, eating out, dancing, theatre, art...Just think of the things you'd like to do, and give us a call! We'll do our best to make sure it happens.