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Block Printing Workshop

‘Block Printing’ refers to a process of repeat patterning on a fabric using carved wooden or metal blocks. Block prints have been used in India for many centuries, and several distinct centres have emerged, each with their own trademark style. Although it is a traditional craft, it is so versatile that even today, it is on the forefront of the fashion scene. There are no limits to the designs - borders, floral motifs, paisleys, elephants, peacocks, human figures, and much more! Multiple designs or patterns can be created from a limited number of blocks - truly, the end product is much more than the sum of it's parts!

About this workshop:
We'll start with a quick history of block printing, walk through some of the different types of textile treatment and a demo of the printing process. After that, it’s over to you! We will provide a fabric for you to print on, and you'll have access to a host of blocks and colours to create your own masterpiece!

How it works:
Transfer to venue - 30 mins
Introductions and refreshments - 15 mins
Block Printing Workshop - 3-4hrs

The cost depends on the number of persons. Please write to deepa@mumbaimagic.com for details.

Transfers from/to hotel, workshop with all materials, bottled water and all taxes.

Professional videography/ photography of your session, meals.

Please Note:
There is a women’s self-help organisation at the session venue which sells their crafts and textiles. If you would like to buy sarees, fabrics and crafts from an ethical source, this is a good option.