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Introduction to Classical Indian Dance

India is home to a stunning array of classical as well as folk art. Dance and music are integrated into the Indian way of life.

Dr. Jayashree Rajagopalan hails from an illustrious family of artistes who have been preserving the traditional arts for the past four generations. She is the founder of Nrithyodaya - the Academy of Performing Arts, Mumbai, where she has been training students in the theory and practice of dance for 30 years. Dr. Rajagopalan has travelled widely, performing and lecturing to diverse audiences around the world. Her command over the English language, combined with mastery over both theory and practice of dance, make her a sought-after speaker.

In this session, Dr. Rajagopalan will take you on a journey to explore the world of Indian aesthetics, across music, dance and sculpture. The session is in a lecture-demonstration format. It provides an understanding of the vocabulary and traditions of Indian art and sculpture drawn from the Natya Shastra (an ancient treatise on the performing arts). What makes Indian performing arts unique? What is rasa? Is there such a thing as an Indian sense of aesthetics? What is the relationship between sculpture and dance? How does a student get trained in the classical arts? These are some of the themes that will be discussed during the session, accompanied by demonstrations.

Dr. Rajagopalan will be assisted during the session by her students. It is an interactive session, so participants are welcome to ask questions and share observations.

How it works:
Transfer to venue - 30 mins
Introductions and refreshments - 15 mins
Lecture-demonstration and Interaction with students and guru - 1 hour 30 mins
Transfer back to Hotel (alternatively, to a nearby popular restaurant for dinner and then to the hotel).

The cost depends on number of persons. Please write to deepa@mumbaimagic.com for details.

Transfers from/to hotel, lecture-demonstration on Indian aesthetics and dance, Discussion/Q&A session, bottled water and all taxes.

Excludes:  Meals