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Tour Time: 2-4 hours
If you are here on business, and free only in the evening, this tour is perfect for you.

Mumbai is a city that stays awake long after the rest of India has gone to bed. No matter what time of night you venture out, you will find many people on streets and roads.

The tour covers the Gateway of India, the heritage buildings of Kala Ghoda, Victoria Terminus, Crawford Market, Marine Drive and Chowpatty Beach.

If you feel like walking, you can ask the Guide to take you to the traditional marketplace of Bhuleshwar, or the crowded lanes of Mohammed Ali Road. The streets are brightly lit, and crammed with businessmen whose day is far from over. Street food vendors are busy selling local delicacies to a hungry crowd.

If you're interested in watching a play, or a dance programme or a traditional music performance, we can help with ticketing/reservations.

Mumbai is famous for its vibrant night life. There are restaurants, bars and clubs offering different types of cuisine to suit every taste. To end your tour, ask your Tour Guide to recommend some interesting places.

You could also ask to be dropped to the airport at the end of the tour.

All days of the week. Timings are flexible based on your convenience.

Costs and Booking:

The costs are based on the number of people doing the tour and the duration of the tour. Please write to us for pricing.
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