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Tour Time: Mornings: 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
All days except Mondays.

This is a food-oriented bazaar walk, that takes you to one of the traditional middle-class markets of the city. The walk is ideal for foodies and anyone interested in understanding the rich cuisine legacy of India.

The Matunga area was settled in the 1930’s and 1940’s, as the city grew northwards from its original southern beginnings. Today this is a bustling, prosperous area, home to three different communities: Hindu Tamil Brahmins, Hindu Gujaratis from trading communities, and Jains. All three communities are vegetarian, but follow different religious rules. As a result, their cuisines reflect their rich food traditions, evolved over the years in accordance with specific food taboos.

The Matunga area is not just a vibrant food market – it is a cultural epicenter, housing several popular temples for Hindus and Jains. The walk will cover these temples, other shops in the market  (textiles, household goods, etc) and the colourful Matunga flower market.

We will start the walk at Astika Samaj, one of the most popular temples in the area. From here, we will walk through the neighbourhood, seeing daily life in the area, and getting a feel for the history and culture of the area. At the food market, we will introduce you to typical vegetables, herbs, aromatics and spices that are available in the market, and how they are used by different communities in daily food. We will stop at a popular local store, selling a dazzling array of snacks and treats. There is a hygienic tasting counter, where you can sample many of these tasty specialty treats. At the ‘mukhwas’ counter, you can sample a wide range of mouth fresheners.

We will end the walk with a visit to a popular restaurant for coffee and a South Indian snack.

Costs and Booking:

  • INR 1250 per person for 7-10 persons
  • INR 1750 per person for 5-6 persons
  • INR 2500 per person for 3-4 persons
  • INR 3000 per person for 2 persons
  • INR 4500 for a solo traveller

Knowledgeable guide, personalised walk, sampling from the tasting counters, coffee/snacks and all taxes.

Prior reservation is mandatory. Payment in cash on the day of the tour.

Tour Extension:
You may choose to combine this tour with our Spirit of Dharavi tour. Alternatively, you may choose to combine it with a home visit for an interactive cooking session and lunch. Ask us for details!

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