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Food Walk through Ranade Road and Dadar Market
Tour Time: 3-4 hrs including a meal

What this tour is about:
This is a food-oriented walk that explores the culture and cuisine of Mumbai's local Maharashtrian communities. The walk is led by a knowledgeable foodie, and lasts about an hour and a half. After the walk, we will take a local taxi to a nearby café that specializes in Maharashtrian cuisine. Your guide will join you for lunch and introduce you typical Maharashtrian food (vegetarian). The tour ends after lunch; we can help you find local taxis or your car at the end of the meal.

More about the walk:
Ranade Road and Dadar market are popular among the Marathi-speaking communities who live in the adjoining residential areas of Mahim, Shivaji Park, Hindu Colony and Parel. During this walk, we will see shops selling pickles, home-made masalas, spices, vegetables, legumes, pulses, fruits and festival delicacies. We will introduce you to these items and how they are used in daily food. The guide will also point out seasonal specialties that are available in the market. We will visit the fish market, where the colourful Koli fisherwomen bring the day's catch to sell. You can see the famous Bombay Duck (bombil) and other popular fresh and dried seafood that Mumbaikars love to eat. There are also small cafes and street food stalls where hungry shoppers can grab a snack. You can stop at a stall and taste some tidbits if you're feeling adventurous.

Apart from food, we will also pass by the wedding market selling sarees and jewellery, with many famous establishments that have long-standing reputations. There are also tiny shops selling puja items, incense and other paraphernalia essential for traditional Maharashtrian life. Like all bazaar areas, there are several temples of different faiths. You can visit a temple if you are interested.

All days of the week except Mondays.

Start Time and Place:
10:30 a.m. from Sena Bhavan (all taxi drivers know this place)

Costs and Booking:

  • INR 1250 per person for 7-10 persons
  • INR 1750 per person for 5-6 persons
  • INR 2500 per person for 3-4 persons
  • INR 3000 per person for 2 persons
  • INR 4500 for a solo traveller

Knowledgeable guide, personalised walk, sampling from the tasting counters, coffee/snacks and all taxes.
Prior reservation is mandatory. Payment online prior to the tour. Email deepa@mumbaimagic.com or WhatsApp wa.me/+919867707414

Tour Notes:
During the tour, please feel free to ask as many questions as you wish. The more you ask, the more you will discover! If you have any food allergies, or diet restrictions, please let us know in advance. Please dress modestly and be very discreet with photography. Please wear sensible closed footwear for the walk. If you would like to visit a temple, you need to take off shoes, but socks are acceptable.