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Learn Bollywood Dance in Mumbai

The term Bollywood is a portmanteau of two words – Bombay and Hollywood. Bollywood is the most prolific film industry in the world, producing nearly 2000 films a year. It is particularly famous for its colourful musicals filled with vibrant dances and “item numbers”.

Bollywood’s unique dance style has staked a place for itself in the popular imagination. The roots of Bollywood dance lie in India’s rich repertoire of classical and folk dances, but choreographers also draw inspiration from diverse dance forms around the world, such as salsa, jive, hip-hop and more. The result is a zestful, vibrant and unique dance style that is super-fun to learn!

We offer private Bollywood dance lessons for singles, couples and groups.

You can sign up for only one class (a 1.5hr workshop), or for multiple lessons.

A typical 1.5 hour workshop contains the following :

  • Introduction to Bollywood dancing
  • Warm Up (Yes! You need to do some basic exercises before you start grooving!!)
  • A choreography to a popular Bollywood number
  • Cool down / wrap up

The choreography will include some signature Bollywood moves that you can perform back home as well. Feel free to shoot your video and show your friends!

For those who are in Mumbai over a longer period, we can arrange multiple sessions based on your interests.

The dance lessons can be taken by anyone; there is no restriction based on age, gender, fitness level or any other criteria. If you have mobility constraints, a medical condition, or any other disability, please let us know and we will try to tailor the program to your needs.

The cost depends on number of persons. Please write to deepa@mumbaimagic.com for details.

The price usually includes access to a dance studio, a 1.5hr lesson with a dance instructor and all taxes.

Professional videography/photography of your session, costumes, meals, sodas/bottled water. We can arrange all these at an additional charge.

Additional Offerings::
We also offer the following Bollywood-related workshops and tours:

  • Bollywood and Indian Cinema Appreciation Workshop with a well-known Film Curator and Critic
  • Visit to Bollywood Studio and drive past some movie star homes and shoot locales which have been immortalised in the movies
  • Visit to the National Museum of Indian Cinema

For more information please write to deepa@mumbaimagic.com