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Tour Time: 2 hours

If you enjoy exploring new places, try this walking tour of the ‘native’ bazaar areas of Bhuleshwar. You’ll be fascinated by the vibrant street markets, the colourful people, the multi-cultural mix of mosques, temples and derasars, the different cuisines, and the sheer throbbing energy of the place.

The tour covers Jama Masjid (meet India’s oldest Muslim community, who came here in the 6th Century), Mangaldas Cloth Market, Zaveri Bazaar (where everyone’s crazy about gold), Phool Galli (Flower Street), Mumbadevi Temple (where the city gets its name from), and the quaint Madhav Baug. The street food in the area is also very interesting.

You’ll also get an inside look at the Jain community, visit a Panjra Pole (animal shelter) – and you’ll finally figure out what this ‘sacred cow’ thing is all about!

Mumbai’s heart lies not in its monuments, but in its bazaars. Come see for yourself.

All days except Sundays, either at 11:00 a.m. or at 4:00 p.m. Starts at Crawford Market. Group sizes vary from 2-6 people. This is an interactive, interesting walk, so often they last longer (there are so many things to see and absorb!) You can leave at any time; we’ll help you find a local taxi.

Costs and Booking:

  • INR 850 per person for 7-10 persons
  • INR 1250 per person for 5-6 persons
  • INR 1750 per person for 3-4 persons
  • INR 2250 per person for 2 persons
  • INR 4000 for a solo traveller

Knowledgeable guide, personalised walk and all taxes.
Prior reservation is mandatory. Payment online prior to the tour. Email deepa@mumbaimagic.com or WhatsApp wa.me/+919867707414

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