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Tour Time: 4 hours
This tour will give you a fascinating insight into Mumbai's diverse people - their clothes, religion, food and ways of life.

Start the tour with the Kolis, the fisher folk who were the original inhabitants of Mumbai, and who gave the city its name.

Drive to Colaba to see the Parsis. Mumbai would not be the same without its Zoroastrian inhabitants. Not only would the flavour of the city become more bland, much of its history would also be lost without them.

You can also see St. Thomas Cathedral, one of the oldest Anglican Churches in Mumbai, with an active Christian community that is very much a part of the city.

Two Jewish communities, the Baghdadi Jews and the Bene-Israel have been associated with the city in the past- and have given the city many of its important landmarks. The tour takes you to one of the oldest synagogues in Mumbai.

Mumbai has a large Muslim population, including Bohras, Khojas, Memons and several other communities. Drive or walk through the by-lanes of Mohammed Ali Road for a glimpse of their lives.

And, for a look at the large Hindu community, we'll take you to see the Banganga water tank and the Walkeshwar temple, two of the oldest religious monuments in Mumbai.

Mumbai is also home to Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists - come on this tour and take the first step towards understanding the rich mix of people that make up India.

All days of the week. Timings are flexible based on your convenience.

Costs and Booking:
The costs are based on the number of people doing the tour, and the duration of the tour. You can combine different tours from our tour menu, including car tours, boat tours and walking tours. Please tell us what you'd like to do, and how much time you have. We'll put together a tour that best suits your needs.